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Mar 4, 2014 6:00am EST
indian style in the lobby of apple. >> really? larry? disclosure, i do not think i could do that. >> the question is, on which mobile device do you feel the least or most safe? >> what if i was on my kindle? >> is that yes? to tell me to change my passcode. let's get to the data check. we do not need a passcode for this. commodities off the news in the ukraine, russia not pulling back but a much easier dialogue this morning. the nymex takes a breather, 103.42. 101 .91.r yen, gold, down a dollar today, a better feel led by u.s. futures. >> and stronger as well. stronger with more levity in the markets. coming up we are going to geneva for the motor show. when i think of mclaren i think of a baby stroller. but we are talking about the latest model to reach 62 miles per hour in three seconds. morning, everyone. "bloomberg surveillance," i am tom keene. the president of mcafee, you know them as the security giants with sophistication. merchants like target have taken steps to cover up cyber security disasters. maybe they don't want to talk about it? a big issue that we hear about, bu
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1